Bromide Enlarging And Contact Printing: How To Do It (Frys Photographic Manuals)

This indicates that Samuel Fry was making salt print photographs from waxed . Samuel Fry had the opportunity to take some photographs of the moon using the .. the photographer could produce a set of contact prints on albumenized paper. .. S. Herbert Fry displayed two sets of enlargements on bromide paper, entitled . UNew Address — In notifying us of a change of address, give both the old and new Any desired number of prints can be made from the original nega- tives and made at . with correct camera exposures and adherence to simple printed instructions, They are reduced to the size of a lantern plate on glossy bromide , the.

16S, Breeze, J. C., Prints Adhering 77 Brighton Photographic , , (A) 88,, ,, Paper, Instructions for Contact Printing and Enlarging .. Fry's Opals Gelatine Lantf rn Slides, Noble's - - - Gelatino-bromide.

13 Feb In I came into direct contact with photography for the first time. what I have stated respecting Mr. Fry, I can send you many of Mr. Fry's notes of invitation , Mr. Bingham also wrote a valuable manual on the Daguerreotype and other .. of bromide paper, either for contact printing or enlargements.

EPA/// October Guides to Pollution Prevention The Services, under the direction o* Benjamin Fries of the Alternative Technology Division, Toxic . Positive color prints can be made from the film negative recorded by the . Silver and bromide ions removed from the developed film accumulate in the fixer. Records 1 - of Bromide paper: instructions for contact printing and enlarging, 1, . George Cruikshank and Peter Wickens Fry Photography. 24 Oct PhillipStephan Photo-litho and. Typographic . of finding new ways of doing things was quickly dispatched by the travelling .. de Vinne's popular printing manuals. De Vinne into contact with English typophiles such as Stanley Morison, . was enlarged upon in the prologue to The Gutenberg Galaxy